new and exciting security policy settings in flash moviestar

In addition to all new video capabilities, the recent 9.0.115 release of the Flash Player contains an update to the security policy framework that I haven’t seen much press about. I guess the nickname crossdomain smackdown just wasn’t sexy enough compared to moviestar. I discovered the new framework by accident when the following message showed […]

how to impress your friends by taking an image snapshot of a flash movie and automatically uploading the jpg to a server in three easy steps

The title for this recipe is a little long, but the use case is straightforward: I want to capture the visual appearance of a movieclip, encode it as a jpg, and then upload it to my server without any user interaction I came to this problem while writing AsUnit tests for my Flash Actionscript 3 […]

extending the flash videoplayer class to load the crossdomain.xml file on demand

I’ve been doing lots of Flash video streaming work using ActionScript 3 and I’ve found a nice balance between using the built-in Flash video components and doing my own thing to achieve the exact look and feel that I want. The new as3 version of FLVPlayback has some great features in it, including sophisticated connection […]