I spent a few years as a radio producer and created some stories that I’m still proud of. I created other stories too, but those tapes have long since disappeared.

Apple Picking with Jon Marston – Here and Now, October 13th 1999
I spent most of my radio career as a producer, but on this day the Talent had a scheduling conflict so I went to Russell Orchards in Ipswich Massachusetts and did the whole thing myself.

Chinese New Year with Scott Haas – Here and Now, March 1st 2000
Scott and I worked together for years producing food radio stories all over the world. In this story we visit the Super 88 market in Boston’s Chinatown and help prepare a New Year’s feast. The Boston Globe recently published a top-notch story by Scott that examined sky-high prices in local restaurants. I think he’s eating at home more often now.

Banana Chutney with Kathy Gunst – Here and Now, April 5th 2000
Kathy Gunst is a talented cook book author whose recipes and ideas were perfect for our radio show. This story featured a Caribbean recipe and a tropical music theme to boot.

Gourmet Group – July 7th 2000
My parents and a group of their friends started a dinner group in the early 1970s and kept it going for nearly 30 years. I joined them in the summer of 2000 to hear their stories of fine meals, friendship and the occasional recipe gone wrong.

Jonathan Allen Obituary – Here and Now, April 28th 2000
Jonathan Allen was a pioneer in synthesized speech and later became the director of MIT’s Research Lab of Electronics. I produced this story on a tight deadline and scrambled to find one of his contemporaries to tell his story; eventually I persuaded his wife to offer a story. A few days later I told my father about the challenge of producing the obituary and he told me “Oh I used to work with him! In the 1970s I was building an optical character recognition system and together we collaborated on a reading machine for the blind. You could have called me.”

Lantern Ceremony in Jamaica Plain – Here and Now, July 14th, 2000.
Sound essays were one of my favorite story formats. This story documents a community lantern lighting ceremony to honor the dead.

Trouble in Allston – Morning Edition, February 4th, 2002.
After the New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl I took my microphone outside to record the celebration. It turned out that the Boston Police did a poor job in planning their shifts and didn’t have enough cops on the street to keep things calm. This scene played out a few more times over the next couple years as the Patriots and Red Sox won several championships, eventually escalating to full scale riots and leading to a handful of deaths.