my new favorite flash event handles the mouse out of stage problem

I don’t want to breed ill will by playing Actionscript favorites, but at the moment I definitely like Event.MOUSE_LEAVE a little more than the rest of the types. I’m working on a piece of functionality in my Flash as3 application that involves replacing the mouse cursor with a custom clip and making another clip […]

asunit testing with flash cs3 and actionscript 3

Unit tests are supposed to be the first things you write when following an extreme programming or rapid development methodology, but I seldom found the time to bother until recently. On a Flex Data Services project, we needed to interact with a complex and evolving application programing interface. Our coping strategy was to write flexunit […]

multiple wordpress widget sidebars

While customizing my site I decided it would be cool to have different widget sidebars on various pages. I wanted to display navigation on the search/archive pages, related subject info on the post pages, irrelevant itunes info on my life story, and keep a generic sidebar on the rest of the pages. I hunted around […]