hello world

After spending a few years as a consultant for IBM Global Services, I’ve decided to venture back into the world as an independent. My time at IBM’s Boston Innovation Center was tremendous. I made many great friends, worked with some skilled managers, and learned more about technology than I could have imagined. These are some good, smart people and I was honored to be part of that team. But it’s time to go.

So what lies ahead? I’m a web developer specializing in Flash and Flex programming. I can do Ajax too, but once you’ve worked with Flex there really is no going back. I have my first project lined up building video components for a teen social networking startup. It should be a blast.

For this site, I expect to build it out over the next few months. I’ll be adding a portfolio of my web work and probably a bunch of my old radio stories from my days as a public radio producer. For the blog I plan to write about the wide variety of technical issues that make my job fun. If you have lots of opinions on Model-View-Controller design approaches for Rich Internet Applications, then you will probably be fascinated! A few years ago I kept a blog called howisjon.com, and the big lesson was that the audience gets restless when you stray from the topic at hand. So I don’t expect to weigh in on the presidential campaign or offer too many details about married life. Check out the photos if you must know.

Regardless, the future looks bright and I’m pretty excited about busting out on my own again.

And away we go . . .


#1 George Contanza on 05.22.07 at 7:17 pm

George is getting upset!!!

#2 Reuben on 05.26.07 at 11:40 am

Sorry to see you go. Can’t wait to see what you do next. – Reuben